Members layouts


A small N gauge layout built by David Morton. This measures 6ft x 2ft and is a small through Great Western branch station set in the 1960’s with diesel hydraulic locomotives and DMU’s providing the motive power. It is controlled using an NCE digital control unit.


A HO American outline layout built by David Morton. The station is a small New York Central System depot on a branch line running between two major towns in upstate New York. Last winter a storm took out a bridge the other side of the town forcing Collinsville to become a temporary terminus. As the station was not designed to be a terminus it makes shunting the passenger and freight trains interesting.

This layout measures 12ft by 2ft and is a fiddle yard to terminus plan. All locomotives are fitted with sound chips and the layout is DCC using an NCE control system.


An OO gauge layout built by Stuart Carter. It is a Great Western branch line terminus layout. It measures 12 ft x 2ft. It is controlled using an NCE digital control unit. Some locomotive are fitted with sound chips. Stuart has made several You Tube videos describing how he built and detailed this layout look for “keep calm and make stuff”.

Emmbrook Lane

Brian Lee has built this small N gauge layout. He has managed to fit it into an old wooden Croquet set box he bought at a local auction. Brian has built this layout to show that even if you have a very small amount of spare space you can still build a layout. It is digitally controlled and some of the DMU’s are fitted with sound chips.

Garratt Lane

An OO gauge British outline layout, built by Andrew Nibbs.

This layout is set in Southern England with 3rd rail electric units operating into a terminus station. It took Andrew several weeks to fit the 3rd rail onto the track. There is also a military base that receives a constant supply of trains including “warwells” transporting various army vehicles. It is a DCC layout and the majority of diesel locomotives are fitted with sound chips. It measures 12ft by 2ft. and is a fiddle yard to terminus configuration.

St. Blaze

Another N gauge layout built by Brian Lee. It measures 8ft by 2ft and is a twin track continuous run layout. It is controlled using a Gaugemaster Prodigy Digital control system. Brian runs a good mix of old and modern rolling stock and attempts to keep something running all the time. Brian loves adding small scenic details to the layout and has included a small village, disused railway line on a viaduct and a seaside scene.


St. Mary’s Cove

This is the first N gauge layout that Brian Lee made. He has tried to show how much detail you can get in a small area of 3ft x 3ft. Brian is depicting this layout as a small preserved line operating in the West Country, this enables him to operate steam or diesel trains from any era. Brian has taken great care with the scenery and has included a beach scene with beach huts and sailing dinghy’s and a caravan site.

There will be some more members layouts to add to this page in the near future when they are completed.