Testing newly laid track

Since resuming our weekly meetings we have been working on our new large “OO” layout Mearoke and have finally managed to get the outside circuit working. So a chance for one of our members to send round his GWR track maintenance train.

The model of the inspection coach was found on a famous internet auction site earlier this year. It is completely scratch built. Look at the verandas. A real labour of love.

The permanent way brake van is a “cut n shut” made from Ratio kits. These were workshops/mess huts/sheds on wheels.

The loco is a Bachmann model slightly modified and heavily weathered. Maybe it should have been bulled up for the inspection but the shed master had the hump with the PW department and sent this one. The gentleman sitting on the front seat is a modified from the original Airfix “Rocket” kit.

Here’s a photo of the original inspection coach. These were built by the Bristol and Exeter Railway in the 1870s and converted to inspection saloons about 20 years later. They survived as such until the 1950s !!!!

You will see there were a couple of leather straps on the seat to retain the inspectors ( health n safely  !!)

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